axe snake peel
My choice of body wash for over 8 years now

Yes, that’s an AXE product. It’s the only AXE product I use. None of that horrible spray or other garbage making me smell like a desperate young adult.

As it turns out, this Snake Peel is a great body wash/shower gel that has been really good for over 8 years now. I’ve tried other products and brands and nothing comes close to my liking. The scent is decent and not overbearing. The only negative I have with this product is that it’s hard to find.

Nothing Local or Retail

A lot of stores used to carry this like Target and K-Mart, where I used to get it for around $5. A container of this lasts me about 90 days. But Target quit carrying it and all of the K-Mart locations have closed down in the Salt Lake City area. No other stores locally have this. I’m sure Wal Mart does, but I don’t shop there and I’m not that desperate to step inside the one that’s 2 blocks from my house to stock up. Yes, that sounds short-sighted, but I have my principles and dignity.

I used to get it online at but they closed down and redirected to, which up until recently, didn’t carry the Snake Peel.

Walgreens Online

axe snake peel
Only available online – not in stores

But almost a month ago, I saw that Walgreens had added this to their online store. I waited until I needed to order a couple of containers and just placed my order. And I can choose the ship to store option and get free shipping. I like when online purchases give you this option.

I am hoping will continue to carry this AXE Snake Peel as I really don’t care to venture down the body wash choices again, getting all perfumed out and having to readjust myself to another change I don’t want to make.