7 minutes in heaven… well, not the same here in this podcast. Worth a listen, though.

Episode 007

  • Title: All The Love In The World
  • – Valentines day on Friday. Did you get your significant other a special something? I did and it’s my shameless plug this week.
  • – the song from The LEGO Movie “Everything Is Awesome” is quite the ear worm; I seem to randomly break out in the chorus for things that I like.
  • News – Story 1: East coast pummeled with snow and ice
  • – The south is getting upwards of 2ft of snow; ice has brought cities like Atlanta to a screeching halt; in some cases, that screeching halt has resulted in many accidents on the highways; Yes, places like the north and Utah get tons of snow and we operate day to day with little interruption; but the south is not prepared for these severe conditions, which is why it cripples so quickly.
    – Link to article: US east coast braced for snow and ice

  • News – Story 2: Kansas anti-gay bill passes state House Bill 2453
  • – under the term “religious liberties”, bill allows pretty much anyone, including state gov’t agencies like DMV, to deny service to any same-sex couple, whether married, partnered or perhaps roommates; claims from the religious right are that they are under assault; utter bullshit; it’s an excuse to discriminate; these types of laws have no place in our world today.
    – Link to article: What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas?

  • News – Story 3: Dale Hansen, Dallas sportscaster for WFAA-TV, gives brilliant rebuttal
  • – backlash for NFL player Michael Sam; Sam is openly gay; Dale’s 3 minute piece outlines how other players that have killed, beaten women and have criminal records are accepted, yet a gay player is questioned; I praise people like Dale, who raise the bar for the rest of humanity.
    – Link to article: YouTube: Dale Hansen

  • RANT: Tuesdays Are Too Busy
  • – how did it get to be that Tuesdays are busy; at least for me they are; every 3rd Tuesday at my day job are production server maintenance; bowling is on Tuesday nights; and many events that I would rather go to other than work or bowling seem to happen on Tuesdays; I do have some control; I quit bowling league, even though I am a sub some Tuesdays; the other 3 Tuesdays at work are not as demanding; still, gets old after a while.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Shari’s Berries
  • – not a sponsor of this podcast; costly at $54 for 24 chocolate-covered strawberries; shipping $17 of that $54; but packed well, great quality and tasted really good; I will go local next time, but was impressed with product.

  • Ending