Episode 011

– Going and Gone

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  • – it was a tough week in many areas. Will cover in more detail later in in the podcast.
  • – Just days away from Spring starting; excited to have winter done. Not a fan of the cold. For me, it’s summer that I prefer.
  • News – Story 1: Malaysian Flight 370 missing
  • – This has been a news story for almost two weeks now; plane disappeared on March 8th; last known status was an hour after takeoff; search parties looked for wreckage and found nothing; suspected hijacking or terrorist plot; 25 countries are involved in the search for this missing airliner; so many variables at this point, it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what happened; my opinion is that this plane went down and crashed; it’s rare, but it happens to planes; some planes get found years later in remote parts of the world; I hope we find some answers soon.
    – Link to article: Malaysian Flight 370 Missing

  • News – Story 2: New Jersey forces Tesla to stop selling cars
  • – big auto dealers banded together to force the state DMV to make a decision against a non-franchise auto seller; the bigger picture, as Elon Musk and Wired point out, is that dealers make money on continued service; new way of selling direct to users; no oil changes, no more replacing air filers and spark plugs; the threat looms while progress moves forward; states like Texas, Arizona, North Carolina and Virginia all ban Tesla from selling cars in their state; Tesla will win in the end as revolt happens from those that want to support a car company like Tesla.
    – Link to article: Car Dealers Fear Tesla’s Change to Market

  • News – Story 3: Rocko, our 20 year old cat, passed away last Monday
  • – he died at home; so hard to lose a pet; I’ve lost many cats and dogs and fish over the years; my wife took this one hard because of the bond her and Rocko had; he was a snuggle cat; in his last couple of years, I called him howler monkey as he became lost and needed us to hear him, often at 3:30am; I will miss him; got to spend almost 13 years with him; we have a female cat Triscuit that will be 4 in May; she’s been here at the house for over 2 years now. not a snuggle cat, but playful; she is adjusting to Rocko being gone, looks for him in the mornings; goodbye, my buddy.
    – Link to article:

  • RANT: Spending money on proper upgrades
  • – companies that don’t upgrade for years; tired of working for companies that try to get by without spending money on computer equipment; servers, desktops; if it’s not broken, don’t fix it; over 8-12 years, you have to upgrade; if you rely on 24/7 uptime, you need to have working equipment; keeping older hardware going; 16 hour outage that resulted in nothing being done; last 36 hours to repair Exchange database; put off upgrades; newer operating systems are needed for newer hardware; older systems do work, but you will run into issues as time goes on.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: @midnight Season 1 – Episode 01037
  • – the one with Wil Wheaton; I admit to never having watched this show before; I know the @midnight hashtags that happen, like the #ruinaband one they did recently; for example, Rebecca Black Sabbath; the host of the show is Chris Hardwick, who also does the Nerdist podcast in addition this nightly show; a very fun 21 mins of TV for those that understand internet jargon.

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