Has it really been almost two weeks since I posted out here? I’m either lazy, busy, relaxed or a combination of all three.

I love going to concerts. My first was Van Halen in 1982 and I’ve been to many shows in the last 27 years. I lost count on how many bands I’ve seen live, but I can easily say it’s over 1,000 different bands… seriously. Just scanning my concert ticket stubs and thinking of all the show I don’t have a ticket stub for, that’s a safe amount.

But out of all of those many shows, there is one band that I’ve seen in concert nine times: Depeche Mode.

The band never ceases to amaze me with what kind of show they put on. From the first time I saw them live in 1986 during the “Black Celebration” tour until the most recent show of the Tour Of The Universe, Depeche Mode have been one of the most amazing, entertaining and talented bands I’ve seen perform on stage.

This most recent date, here in Salt Lake City, had an extra bonus: Dave from Blogography was in town to enjoy this show. While the concert went off without a hitch, the lead up to this show wasn’t without it’s concerns. The band was forced to cancel a few of its dates, including two California dates, just weeks before the SLC date.

All of us were nervous about the show – even up to the day before during Dave Lake City 3 at the Rio Grande Cafe, Dave and I both hoping that there wouldn’t be a last minute cancellation.

But there wasn’t.

This was also my daughter’s second time seeing Depeche Mode, her first time being in 1998 for the Singles Tour.

Tiffany and Marty at Depeche Mode
Who the hell is that dude behind us and why is he not excited for Depeche Mode?

All three of us waited in anticipation, with big smiles….

Tiffany, Marty and Dave at Depeche Mode
When Bad Monkey pushes the button, the show will begin.

Dave has already posted a great set list and his thoughts on each of the songs performed. As for my thoughts, I’m with Dave on just about everything he said, especially with the selection of “Jezebel”, which isn’t one of my favorites from the new album “Sounds Of The Universe”. As with Dave, I would have preferred “Home”, which is one of my favorite Martin Gore songs. But regardless of that weak moment, The show was spectacular. I didn’t even miss hearing “People Are People” or “Everything Counts” [which is one of my all time favorite songs to hear live]. It was that good of a show. And I was able to capture a good amount of photos with my camera. Here’s a selection from the Flickr set:

Depeche Mode live
The band on stage

Martin Gore
Martin Gore at his finest moment

Dave Gahan
Dave was in top form, never missing a chance to be the frontman

Martin and Dave of Depeche Mode
During the final number “Waiting For The Night”

End of the show
Thank you, Depeche Mode, for a kick ass show

BONUS: Video

And here’s a video of some of “Policy Of Truth” that I was able to capture on my camera.


Green Day

Green Day live

Not to take away from the awesome show that was Depeche Mode live, I also recently went to another concert about a week before. Green Day played at Energy Solutions Arena [formerly known as the Delta Center] and put on a great show.

While sometimes blamed for getting too big and too popular and forgetting their punk roots, I have to admit that Billie Joe Armstrong has a great on-stage persona and is very good at building up audience participation. This was my third time seeing them live and I have never been bored or disappointed each of those times.

Here’s a selection of pics from my Flickr set from the concert on August 16, 2009:

Billie Joe
Billie Joe on the big screen

Mike Dirnt
Mike Dirnt on the big screen

Tre Cool
Tre Cool on the big screen

Billie Joe - Time of your Life
… and the ending number “Good Riddance (Time of your Life)” – Billie Joe all by himself

BONUS: Video

And I was able to capture part of “Brain Stew” on video.