Tilt 12%
8 plus 4 equals 12 percent of alcohol content

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. And what better way to celebrate than to talk about booze.

One of the first posts on this blog was about Tilt. Then about six months later, I posted more about how Tilt changed their formula. I’ve not hidden my like for these malt beverages with higher alcoholic content with another post in 2009. Then I found something better and posted about how much “Harder” it was vs. Tilt.

So this last weekend, I was out of state [since Utah doesn’t carry these higher content canned drinks] and found the above Tilt redesign – which now contains 12% alcohol content.

I bought two cans of this stuff (at $1.79 a can) and tried one tonight. Wow, did this pack more of a “party starter” punch than the previous 8% formulas. It took me a good hour to finish the 16 oz can. And once I was done, I had a nice buzz.

I hope to get more of these next time I’m in Washington State and will enjoy a couple while camping or hanging outside in the warm summer night at home.