haven't done
Add up what you have NOT done

Ok. I borrowed this from Kapgar who borrowed it from Dave2. Here is how it works: give yourself one point for each item on the above list that you have NOT done. let me know in the comments your total. Feel free to borrow this for your blog.

My score is 2. I have not been skydiving and don’t have any piercings.

  1. Skipped School: many times, mostly to go to the beach and to partake in drugs and alcohol
  2. Broken a bone: I am counting my nose, which I broke twice. Had it fixed in January 1986
  3. Fired a gun: other than a BB gun in my teens, the only time I fired a gun was at a shooting range about 7 years ago.
  4. Done Drugs: many times since I was 14. Weed, coke, pills, heroin (only once). I took a break for many years before weed and coke were taken again.
  5. Been in a Limo: Yes a few times mostly to go to an event or party and paid for by someone else.
  6. Gotten a tattoo: Yes, I have two as part of a Chilly Willy theme on my right bicep/shoulder.
  7. Ridden a horse: a few times over the years
  8. Sung Karaoke: many times. My go to songs are: “Tiny Dancer” and “Paradise City”. Refer to number 20 – Been Drunk.
  9. Gotten a ticket: Not too often. Last one was in December 2008
  10. Been Arrested: I stole a Ted Nugent cassette when I was 15 years old and got busted leaving the store. That might be a future blog post.
  11. Gone Zip-lining: Two times. Both in Cabo San Lucas
  12. Been on TV: Several times, mostly on the news being interviewed
  13. Been on a Cruise: Twice. Alaska and Europe
  14. Gotten a piercing: Nope. +1 point
  15. Smoked: Yes. from age 14 to 15 and the 4 years between ages 36 and almost 40. I have been smoke free for almost 21 years now
  16. Met a Celeb: Quite a few over the years. Actors, musicians, authors
  17. Been Skydiving: Nope. +1 point
  18. Had a One-Night Stand: Yes. Just once.
  19. Skinny Dipped: Yes. Lake Powell. One of the campers shined a spotlight on me and yelled “that’s a white ass!”
  20. Been Drunk: Oh so many times over the years