iTunes announcement
Something new is coming…

iTunes is getting long in the tooth. The interface hasn’t changed in years. Yes, there have been some cosmetic changes here and there and lots of cool and useful features added, but in general, it’s looked and acted the same for many years. I am mostly ok with that, as I’ve learned how to navigate around my music and videos and can make things work for me very easily. I wouldn’t mind seeing some changes, though.

So when I went to Apple’s main site on Monday morning and saw the above, I became curious. I wonder what changes will be announced this morning. Here’s my guesses:

  • Streaming and subscription service – We already have as a decent site for streaming and music discussion. The previous lala site was purchased by Apple. The inevitable would be to see some sort of offering from Apple.
  • 90 Second Song Previews – This would be nice for quite a few songs that need more than the 30 seconds currently available.
  • Remove DRM from videos – Hey, a boy can dream, can’t he? They did it for music, maybe someday, our video purchases will be liberated, too.

Ladies and Gentlemen…

The Beatles on iTunes
… The Beatles

None of the above came true. It was the Fab Four that are now on iTunes for the big news this morning.

I celebrated at 7:58am and purchased “Happiness Is A Warm Gun” from The White Album. This is big news since any change in the types of media that music is offered on, getting The Beatles onto that new format is a labor of negotiations, licensing and all sorts of back and forth talks to work it all out. So love them or hate them, The Beatles on iTunes is an important step in the world of music.

As for my other wishes for changes to iTunes, I guess we’ll wait for future announcements and events.