When we last left off, we had just survived the snooty bitches at the airport and were on the plane, ready to start our wedding weekend.

Cabo Wabo

Once our plane landed in Reno, we got our rental car mini-van [only $250 more to upgrade from an SUV], ate some lunch and drove the hour to South Lake Tahoe, it was time to have some fun. A few of us in the wedding party decided that the best way to forget the start of the days events was to throw back a few at the Cabo Wabo Cantina. And we did. Drink that is.

fun the night before
We’ve both had a few drinks at this point
Leading up to the Main Event

After waking up to some serious hair of the dog, the girls went to get massages and then later to get their hair and makeup done.

My pretty honey
“This smile will be permanent by the end of the night”
Get Me To The Beach On Time

We had picked out a nice little cove right on the lake, where the sand was smooth and the privacy was almost guaranteed. The weather was perfect, just a few clouds in the sky. It was time.

just minutes of single life left
It all came down to this one moment
Wedding Dinner

After the ceremony, we walked the ten minutes back to The Fresh Ketch for our wedding dinner, which was our treat to everyone that had traveled the distance to be at our wedding.

all of us in one place again
I hope everyone only had the soup and salad combo
Let Them Eat Cake

And what’s a wedding without wedding cake. All of us headed back to the house we rented for the weekend for some after wedding/after dinner celebrating. My sister even brought up some great chocolate candies that were custom made… just for us.

the cutting of the cake
“Uh honey.. is this one of those rum cakes?”

We couldn’t have asked for a great ceremony and evening. It all went off so well. Guess Karma does have it’s place for all of us.

Continued in Scooter Sunday [which will now be posted on Monday… but just this once.]