News – Story 1: Trump claims Obama wiretapped Trump Tower
News – Story 2: Keystone XL pipeline will not use American steel
News – Story 3: New York City’s Waldorf Astoria to close for 2-3 years for massive makeover and renovation

  • RANT: Limited options for reduced fee concert tickets
  • – we have a couple of venues here in Salt Lake City that are owned by a group called United Concerts; one is a 1200 person indoor club with general admission standing room called The Depot and it’s located downtown; the other is Usana Amphitheater which is an outdoor place that hold about 20,000 people between reserved seats and general admission lawn; on every Friday from 2pm to 6pm, the box office at The Depot was open to purchase tickets with only a $2 per ticket service charge (they recently raised it to $3 per ticket) for shows at The Depot and lawn seating at Usana; this is much cheaper for tickets instead of going through the monopoly ticket agency here in Utah called SmithsTix where service charges can be almost $20 a ticket for some shows; but they recently changed to where the box office is now closed on Friday and the only time you can get tickets from The Depot is on nights they have shows, where the box office opens at 6pm; more limited times to get tickets is another money grab, in my opinion; forcing us concert goers trying to save a few bucks to have to watch for those nights with shows and compete with those getting tickets via will call; there was no notice of this; I had to call United Concerts to confirm this; the ticket service changes subject alone would warrant a rant; so plan ahead if you were thinking of going to The Depot on a Friday afternoon to save on concert tickets.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: George W. Bush as a painter
  • – If 16 years ago, 14 years ago… hell even 12 years ago, I would have said you “I will gain a new found respect for President George W. Bush”, I would asked you to check my sanity; but here we are, under an even worse President (who gained that honor just 30 days into his term), I am watching President George W. Bush on talk shows, showing off his painting skills and donating the money to Veterans, which during his 8 years, didn’t get hardly any respect from the things he did and didn’t do for them; While the things he did in office are unforgivable for me, I do have to give a level of positive to someone who is at least good at staying mostly out of the spotlight since he left office and has honed his skills as a painter; I have no plans to purchase his book, even though the proceeds do benefit veterans, but I will watch him on talk shows that help promote his non-polital career after his 8 horrible years as President of this country.

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