It’s taken me all week to put together another post. Busy, busy and more busy. But finally, something to tide you over until Scooter Sunday.

Nipplegate Over
Janet and Justin
From left to right: Tit [covered by hand], Janet, Justin — photo: REUTERS/Win McNamee

How many of you remember the half time show at Superbowl in 2004? Even people that didn’t watch it know what happened. Janet Jackson exposed her right breast to millions of viewers. Oh. My. God. Tragic as it was and the millions of children that were scarred from that exposure. And the aftermath was a $550,000 fine handed to CBS and twenty or so affiliates as the ultra conservatives claimed victory in their war against broadcast “filth”

Well, they can stop celebrating. On Monday, a judge overturned the ruling and told the FCC that they had “arbitrarily and capriciously departed from its prior policy” that exempted fleeting broadcast material from actionable indecency violations.

Finally. Someone in the court system with enough brains to tell these mindless fucks that they need to be spending more time worrying about things more important than an exposed nipple on television. Seriously, I never saw the big deal. And how many children were really “scarred for life” after seeing a 40-year-old woman’s tit? My guess is that it wasn’t the first time they saw one and it won’t be the last. And while this incident has been put to bed, there will be other uproars from those that push for everything sanitized.

The Dark Knight
The Joker
“Did you see me this last week?”

One of the most anticipated movies came out last week. And it did not disappoint. The Dark Knight not only cleaned up in the box office [besting the $151 million haul that Spiderman 3 took during its opening weekend], it was a solid and action packed movie with a great script and story that the average joe or comic geek alike could follow.

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger star as Bruce Wayne/Batman and The Joker, respectfully. As Batman has kept order in Gotham City, a new villain appears on the scene to inject chaos to the populous. New D.A. Harvey Dent [played by Aaron Eckhart] takes his credit in helping to keep things running smooth, until The Joker’s antics and plots proves to be too much for both.

I cannot say enough greatness about Heath’s performance as The Joker. I really thought it was true to the original character, adding some modern-day psycho to an already deranged persona. I’d even go as far and say the late Mr. Ledger’s version of The Joker was better than Jack Nicholson’s version in the 1989 Batman movie. Jack was more suave. Heath was more erratic. Both were humorous.

Rounding out the cast with Maggie Gyllenhaal, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman made for a powerful film that didn’t let up one bit. Even during those times when the story was being told, it was exciting watching it all unfold. There were no contrived moments when I normally blurt out, “What the hell?? that isn’t possible.” Everything that went into the film by director Christopher Nolan and his screenwriter partner and brother Jonathan was presented perfectly as it played out on the big screen.

I recommend this movie to anyone. A true summer blockbuster that nailed it on every level.

So who has seen The Dark Knight? Like it? Love it? Best movie ever? Not all that? Share your thoughts in the comments.