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News – Story 1: Tesla Model 3 announced
News – Story 2: Apple vs. FBI – the whole story
News – Story 3: Mississippi passes anti-LGBT law

  • RANT: Anti-abortionists against use of fetal tissue sales
  • – a sting operation where those wanting to ban all abortions, took video, edited it together and tried to prove that Planned Parenthood was selling “chopped up baby parts” to make a profit; what the real deal is here is that Planned Parenthood donates fetal tissue to companies that do research to help reduce disease; they study the stem cells and tissues to see how they grow, how disorders of the body develop from the beginning and how they can grow new tissue; it’s all very legit and each woman who has an abortion has to sign off on this process; but it’s all under the radar, not because they are trying to be sneaky about it, but because the anti-abortion crowd launches death threats and organizes manhunts to track down and in some cases, cause physical harm to those who both have and perform abortions; also, there is a thing called patient privacy, which comes into play here; what gets me is that most of those against abortion are also against any type of gun control; willing to do whatever to stop any action to save the life of the unborn but silent when the living are killed by gun violence; using pretty much any method and efforts to take away the personal choice of those random women, yet claiming “we can’t stop anyone from using a gun to commit a violent crime”; not knowing hardly any of the facts of the lives of any woman who chooses to have an abortion, they push for congress to defund Planned Parenthood, which barely 3% of their services are abortion; then various states have signed laws to defund Planned Parenthood; Just this week, California has started investigating those with the Center for Medical Progress on their illegal actions they took in this sting operation; I stand with Planned Parenthood and support what they are doing here, especially the 97% of other health related services they provide to the insured and under insured; the cost to properly ship and transfer vital tissues and stem cells to help eradicate diseases and disorders has been removed, which Planned Parenthood didn’t have to do, but they did to remove another layer of questioning from the anti freaks; this practice is something we as humans should not be trying to stop, especially anyone with a political and religious bent and zero scientific knowledge.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Excited about the Guns N’ Roses reunion of Axl, Slash and Duff
  • – one of the worst kept rock secrets in many years was the eniveitable reunion of the main 3 original members of Guns N’ Roses; after Slash announced that he and Axl had patched up their differences, every fan waited to hear the news, which came a couple of months ago; then we waited for the dates, which the first announced were this weekend and next weekend’s Coachella festival; then the Mexico City dates in between the two Coachella dates; then the surprise dual dates in Las Vegas last week; then the even more of a surprise date at the Troubadour in Hollywood before the Las Vegas dates, where 250 lucky fans got to buy tickets for $10 each; this is not and never has been labeled a complete reunion of all original members; there has been no official word from the Steven Adler camp, who has been the most vocal proponent for a reunion for more than 20 years; Izzy Stradlin has mentioned on a newly-created Twitter account that he’s not been asked to be a part of this semi-complete reunion; it’s been 23 years since Axl and Slash performed together on stage; As of the recording of this podcast episode, the band played to a massive crowd at Coachella, bringing guest guitarist Angus Young to play a couple of Bon Scott-era songs with Axl on lead vocals, which just so happened to align with the hours before news that Axl would join AC/DC on their remaining tour dates this year; more on that story in Episode 079; I hope to catch a date of this tour – not in Utah – to see this band live once more (i’ve seen them live before in 1991 and in 2012); let’s hope this lasts at least till the end of the year, as I’m not expecting anymore more at this point in history.

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