Vegas, Baby :

  • – Vegas and CES; they go together like losing money and walking several miles a day.
  • – fortunately, there wasn’t much money lost on this trip; but lots of steps gained on the Fitbit.
  • fremont street alcohol ban

  • News – Story 1: Las Vegas council bans glass, aluminum liquor containers on Fremont Street Experience
  • – This ban started in late June 2014; I was in Vegas in late July, but didn’t venture downtown to Fremont Street, otherwise I would have noticed the ban; I stayed downtown this trip at The D Hotel and Casino; I always like to get a Mike’s Harder Lemonade at a package store because they are normally under $3; now when you purchase one, they have to put it into a separate plastic bag and staple it closed with the receipt; the driving force for this was the casinos on Fremont Street that were concerned about losing drink revenue as each one provides a plastic cup station that you can pour your drink into and carry it out into Fremont Street; previously the ban was only on certain days like New Year’s Eve or July 4th for safety reasons; it’s a confusing law to visitors, even with many signs and warnings that the souvenir shops like ABC Stores put up; seems an odd law for a town like Vegas.
    – Link to article: Las Vegas council bans glass, aluminum liquor containers at Fremont Street Experience

  • News – Story 2: No Uber or Lyft ride sharing in Las Vegas
  • – ridesharing vs. the taxi companies is why Uber and Lyft are not operating in Las Vegas; another law that slipped past me when I was last in Vegas as I had my own car and didn’t need to rely on taxis or Uber; well, Uber and Lyft are not available in Vegas, mostly due to the tight regulations that the taxi companies have to abide by and they force ride sharing into that; and it’s not that Uber and Lyft skirt the law; they do background checks and have many requirements that drivers need to go through to carry passengers; personally, this is all part of the huge taxi lobby that exists in Vegas; they don’t care to compete properly with upstarts and reinvented transportation options like Uber and Lyft; so for a trade show like CES, tech people that normally take Uber or Lyft in other cities will have to stand in line for hours for a high priced taxi or have already booked a town car or limo service to get around; of course, once on the strip, there’s the monorail.
    – Link to article: Why Uber has cracked the taxi market in 70 cities — but not Las Vegas

  • News – Story 3: Alison Rosen out as Adam Carolla Show news girl, sidekick
  • – the first new ACS podcast of 2015 announced Gina Grad as the news girl; Adam addressed the change as Alison just didn’t work out as a sidekick; Alison was the news girl on the popular podcast for 4 years; Alison is taking her podcast with her; she addressed the “firing” on her most recent episode; no hard feelings, but it was a firing none the less; she is now recording her podcast out of her home; Adam Carolla’s podcast has been shifting more in character over the last year so this change is not really a surprise, but still wondering why after 4 years he felt Alison wasn’t a good fit or “cast in the wrong role”; she found out via email from Adam; Gina Grad, Alison’s replacement, has worked with Adam over at Los Angeles FM station KLSX; I wish Alison all the best on her own and think she’ll be just as popular.
    – Link to article: Alison Rosen Out as ‘Adam Carolla Show’s’ News Girl, Sidekick

  • RANT: George Zimmerman arrested again
  • – this time for allegedly throwing wine bottle at his girlfriend; the neighborhood watch guy who killed an unarmed teen in Florida has been in trouble with the law several times since his acquittal; what’s missing this time are his legions of supporters who are tired of seeing the legal issues he’s gotten himself into; sure, there’s still some that will support this moron into every arrest and domestic disturbance he encounters; I can’t support this guy on any level; I don’t demonize him, as some on the extreme right will paint us non-supporters; he is demonizing himself at every stupid move he makes; maybe one day he will wake up and realize what a dumb ass he is and start acting like a responsible adult in society.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Real life Peter Griffin makes a splash at NY Comic Con
  • – Robert Franzese doing a cosplay of the lead character on Family Guy; he nails it in so many ways, not just the voice impersonator abilities but that he also looks the part with the green pants, the glasses, the weight and size and proportions; he loves doing this as well, which makes his character fit it at NYCC; watch the video, which I attached to the show notes for this episode; love how people are taking pictures of him; he goes into “Surfin’ Bird” when an attendee asks “have you heard?”; this was shared by listener KevinIL, better known to the blogging world as Kapgar.

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