Metric Synthetica
“Synthetica” – The new album by Metric – Original image found at The Majestic Show

“I’m just as fucked up as they say…” is the opening line to this powerful new album by the Canadian indie group Metric. It’s their 5th studio release since their formation in 1998. And this album might end up topping their previous release, “Fantasies” which was my first introduction to this quartet.

Track Listing

  1. “Artificial Nocturne”
  2. “Youth Without Youth”
  3. “Speed the Collapse”
  4. “Breathing Underwater”
  5. “Dreams So Real”
  6. “Lost Kitten”
  7. “The Void”
  8. “Synthetica”
  9. “Clone”
  10. “The Wanderlust” (featuring Lou Reed)
  11. “Nothing But Time”

I admit when I first heard Metric, I made some comparisons to the 80’s new wave group Berlin, who had Terri Nunn on vocals and Emily Haines range reminded me a lot of that sound. But once I get into their album more, it stood more on it’s own and ended up catching on with me quite well.

This new release brings songs like “Youth Without Youth” and “Dreams So Real” that expand their sound into more surreal tones and creative lyrics that tell more than just stories about growing up, falling in love and being a strong member of society.

If you’ve not heard this band, I highly suggest picking up this album (as well as their previous release). You won’t be disappointed.