salt lake tribune
A recent Sunday newspaper

I have always loved getting a physical newspaper and reading it. For years, I have subscribed to the Salt Lake Tribune and getting the paper delivered on my driveway each day, waking up and going outside in any weather condition and bring it in, opening it up on the kitchen counter and looking for those stories of interest. When I grew up in California, it was the Los Angeles Times with the Calendar section being my favorite part of the enormous Sunday paper.

But then some years ago, the newspaper industry changed. The daily paper went down to 5 days a week. And now 2 days a week, delivered via the post office instead of carrier delivery. And the paper went digital and app based.

Adapting and Adjusting

I support the newspaper industry and will continue to do so. In addition to the current hybrid subscription of two physical papers a week and the digital Salt Lake Tribune, I digitally subscribe to the Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times (both annual). I can easily keep on top of the stories and news on the newspapers with their respective apps. Which is a nice thing, but there are various issues that will have me making a change to my Salt Lake Tribune subscription.

As I mentioned above, the SL Trib gets delivered to my mailbox two days a week – Wednesday and Saturday (which is the Sunday paper). Since I moved, there have been at least 8 of these papers that never got delivered to me, requiring me to send an email to let them know I never got my paper. They extend my subscription for each missed paper, but it has caused me to rethink the physical paper and go all digital for the Trib when I am up for my yearly renewal next month. Which will be the end of an era for delivery of the physical paper.


Forrest the cat looking at the Sodoku

Yes, while it will be sad to go without a physical paper, I will still continue to subscribe to the Salt Lake Tribune on their digital platform. And then when I am out and about and see a physical paper, I will sit down and enjoy reading it.