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News – Story 1: Steve Bannon, White House Chief Strategist, being appointed as head of National Security Council
News – Story 2: Anti-abortion March 4 Life in Washington DC and other locations, garners big crowds
News – Story 3: Six killed in Quebec mosque shooting, suspect captured

  • RANT: Conservative friends against the Women’s March, saying women don’t need to protest for something they already have
  • – one of my Facebook friends who I’ve known a long time (and who I did a blog post on last year) thinks that things are good for women and why would they march when they already have protections; another of her friends commented on her post, making the assumption that all these women protesters wanted was free abortions and free contraceptives; very ignorant people who belong to the mindset of never question and just accept; thus the photo attached to the show notes post “This Is Fine”; nothing could be further from the truth; since Roe v. Wade, women’s reproductive rights have been under attack; opponents don’t care that only 3% of abortions that Planned Parenthood does should constitute an entire shutdown of the organization; the other 97% of their services is preventative care, including exams, pap smears and many other non “baby killing” services; I know many that have used Planned Parenthood services and none of them wanted a free abortion; these ignorant people that make these statements, ignoring any facts, are clueless and very selfish; because nothing in their life is bad, they assume that no one else has it hard or difficult and can obtain anything they want with no struggles; like living in a bubble cause your life is good, thinking that everyone else has it just as good, too.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Another year of Sundance has ended
  • – Every year since 1992, I’ve attended at least one film at Sundance, which in clear weather is a 30 min drive from my house to a parking lot near a free shuttle that takes me to the bulk of what happens during the 10 days of this long running film festival; one of the first films I saw 25 years ago was “Reservoir Dogs” directed by a then unknown video store employee named Quentin Tarantino; fast forward 25 years and Tarantino was back at Sundance showing “Reservoir Dogs” again; he gave a great Q&A session with Michael Madsen and Lawrence Bender; this is a great place to see stars walking along Main St, films that won’t be in theaters for months and maybe wait in line for an hour or less for some much needed food and drink and to get out of the snow and cold; I look forward to this time each year and can’t wait for 2018.

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