My wife and I were on vacation this last week. Most of it was surrounding our drive to the Redwoods in California [which I will blog about once I get my gazillion photos and videos organized.. yeah, it may be a while longer], but leading up to our 2nd anniversary. We got married in Lake Tahoe and thought it would be nice to spend our day at least somewhat close to that city, choosing Reno, NV for a couple of days.

Our Room

We had two nights free, thanks to signing up for mailings at the Peppermill in Wendover, NV. Our room was better than we expected. Here’s proof:

Name TV screen
Welcome message on the giant LCD flat screen TV

Our bed and the rest of the suite

There’s even a TV in the bathroom

view of pool
Our room’s view of the pool

Pretty damn suite… he he. Needless to say, we enjoyed a nice room.

Lunch With A Princess

Our anniversary was on Monday, June 21st [the first day of summer] and we enjoyed each and every minute of it. – including meeting up for lunch with Lisa of Floating Princess at the Peppermill. We talked, ate and took pictures – including a cameo appearance by Cooper Trooper.

Marty, Cooper, Lisa
Lisa adjusting Cooper on my shoulder

Marty and Lisa
Marty and Lisa

I met Lisa for the first time at Avitaween, but didn’t spend much time chatting since I was the social penguin that was getting his drink on. So this was a nice chance to chat and eat lunch and finally get to know how cool a person Lisa is.

After time out at the pool, a visit to the day spa, a nice dinner and some gambling, we ended our first full day in Reno. All in all, a great day filled with lots of fun, a visit with a blogger friend and great food.