hurricane norma
The view from Playa Grande resort on 10/21/2023

My planned vacation to Cabo San Lucas got delayed by a day thanks to Hurricane Norma which hit land as a Category 1 storm on Saturday October 21, 2023.

This was my 7th trip to Cabo San Lucas in the last 10+ years. So being delayed by a day wasn’t bad for the type of storm that hit the area.

I got home Saturday evening October 28, 2023.

The above photo was taken by my wife who I am separated from these last 4 months, who was in Cabo when the storm hit. And yes, we spent the last week together in Cabo at Playa Grande resort. She had traveled there before I was set to arrive.

Watching The Storm Progress Online

hurricane norma
The above screenshot was from the Washington Post coverage of Hurricane Norma

Since I was anticipating my scheduled flight from Salt Lake City to Cabo San Lucas on Saturday October 21, 2023, I was tracking the storm progress online as closely as I could. Once I knew my flight was cancelled and moved to Sunday October 22, 2023, I was happy to see how it went from a Category 4 Hurricane 450 miles south of Cabo to a Cat 1 storm, that meant it wasn’t going to do nearly the expected damage.

hurricane norma
The Google Maps view of Hurricane Norma

The Rest of the Week

My week in Cabo was nice once the storm passed. The clean up was quick both in downtown Cabo and at the resort so the impact to enjoying my vacation was hardly impacted and there was 80 degrees and sun each day.

And yes, after living apart for almost 5 months, my wife and I set ground rules and there was hardly any issues that we ran into that would ruin a good time for both of us.