Episode 022

– Billions Of Them :

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  • – First day of June; hard to believe this year is almost half over.
  • – planning summer vacations here, starting later this month with a trip to San Francisco for my wedding anniversary; this will be my wife’s first time in that city; looking forward to exploring the city in the almost 4 days we are there.
  • LA Clippers

  • News – Story 1: Steve Ballmer gets winning bid of $2 billion to buy L.A. Clippers
  • – I never knew so much money could be spent on a sports team, let alone an NBA team that for years, was the butt of many Los Angeles jokes and their NBA record, which didn’t include much winning, especially when compared to the Lakers; the sale was related to the racists remarks by team owner Donald Sterling, which the NBA as an organization forced him to sell; doesn’t make much sense on a financial level; he’s making more than what he spent on it, all over his banishment from the league; Mr Ballmer, known for his crazy antics as CEO of Microsoft, might add some color and flair to this team; still a lot of money; an investment, but I doubt one that will bring a full return or a profit; guess we shall see what happens.
    – Link to article: Steve Ballmer has good reason to drop $2 billion on Clippers

  • News – Story 2: Ann B. Davis who played Alice on The Brady Bunch, dies at 88
  • – best know for her role as the maid and housekeeper on the 70’s TV show; she fell at her home and hit her head, which caused her untimely death; could imagine her living much longer if the accident wouldn’t have happened; she was well loved as Alice and embraced the role even after she retired from acting some 30 years ago; I remember watching her on The Brady Bunch and her relationship with Sam the butcher; watching after the dog and 6 kids; so many wacky moments as part of each episode; she will be missed.
    – Link to article: ‘Brady Bunch’ Star Ann B. Davis Dead at 88

  • News – Story 3: Twilight Concert Series for 2014
  • – this is a summer series of concerts that come to Utah each year; for years, they were free and held at the Gallivan Center, a venue right in the middle of downtown; the crowds great each year; a few years ago, they moved it to Pioneer Park and started charging $5 per person to get in; bands like Modest Mouse, Wild Nothing, Flaming Lips, Common and Cracker drew crowds in excess of 50,000; it gets packed with people bringing their babies in strollers and cell phone coverage pretty dismal; this year, the main acts are Lauren Hill and Beck; I’ve got my tickets for Beck and look forward to that show; food and beer (3.2% only) are available from various vendors. Should be another great year of shows.
    – Link to article: TWILIGHT CONCERT SERIES 2014

  • RANT: Utah DABC and liquor licenses
  • – Snowbird holds Oktoberfest every year, starting in August for several weekends; been over 40 years of this; this year, the DABC wants to not issue them a single event liquor license; playing the “non-profit” and “community benefit” card; utter bullshit; Thousands of people head up to the ski resort during the warmer months for food, fun and booze; Utah’s liquor laws are made by people that don’t drink; most are Mormon/LDS and have no clue what a responsible drinker is; nor do they care; which is why these screwed up liquor laws are hurting business and tourism; While Snowbird does hold other liquor licenses, they would be a serious change in how Oktoberfest is run if they are not issued a single permit license; I would hate to see this community event turn negative.
    – Link to article: No beer for Oktoberfest? Utah board gets tough on liquor permits

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Chris Hardwick stand up comic
  • – famous for her Nerdist podcast and host of the Comedy Central show @midnight; popular for using hashtags on Twitter to trends various topics like #RuinABand where you come up with alternate names for bands that sound bad; his standup routine was an hour of side-splitting jokes; the f-bomb was an integral part of his act; it fit well during many of the skits as he asked several audience members what they did for a living, tying in a few of them throughout his set time; it helps if you know web and online lingo to get some of his jokes; worth the $30 I spent to see him.

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