rocko sun deck
It’s just a look to the left…

Utah has had an exceptionally mild winter this year [compared to the enormous amount of snow we had last winter] and we get some nice days, like today, which is projected to be a high of 62. This is where the oldest cat – Rocko – who will be 19 in August, loves to take advantage of the sun and warmth.

rocko sun deck
… and then another look to the right

Even in the heat of the day during the summer months, this cat loves to lay in the sun. He still has some smarts about him by moving into the shade once he heats up too much.

Of course, seeing him out in the sun makes me wish for even the mild winter to be over so we can get even closer to summer.

Daylight Saving

Speaking of summer, today starts Daylight Saving in the US. I am pretty much wanting to be done with this and just stay on Standard Time. I know the days are longer in the summer, but this changing clocks twice a year crap gets a little old. Arizona and Hawaii have figured it out. Now for 48 more states to do the same.