walk the moon

My daughter shares music with me often. And often, she finds some great new bands for me to listen to. Like the self-titled effort by Walk The Moon, which I quickly embraced after the first few listens.

Track Listing

  1. “Quesadilla”
  2. “Lisa Baby”
  3. “Next In Line”
  4. “Anna Sun”
  5. “Tightrope”
  6. “Jenny”
  7. “Shiver Shiver”
  8. “Lions”
  9. “Iscariot”
  10. “Fixin'”
  11. “I Can Lift A Car”

Pop Goodness

Not sure what it was about this style of music that grabbed me right away. They have a strong and similar sound to Panic! At The Disco on many of the tracks. Unlike Panic!, whose younger sound took a bit to grow on me. This band comes across more mature in their approach in writing pop songs, giving that bit of edge that grabs the slightly older fans [and obviously this somewhat older music fan]. It might be songs like “Lisa Baby” and “Anna Sun” that had the hooks and movements that did it. But for sure, the infectious “Next In Line” had more of a solid feel, throwing some emo-like guitar riffs to complete the track.

If you need another album of new sounds with a bit of difference than the norm, check out Walk The Moon. It’s found it’s place on my playlist for a while.