In April 2007, we made a 4-day trip to the Grand Canyon, to see the new Skywalk that just opened. We stayed in Mesquite, NV and drove in for the day, then drove back.

Once we got back, I made a run for food and stopped off at the Smith’s grocery store. In my perusal of the alcohol selections, I found a new flavored beer called Tilt. I had seen Tilt in the stores in Utah, but it was only 3.2% alcohol.  This one was 8%.  And the can was green.

Tilt 8%

I bought a couple of them, took them back to the room, cracked one open and drank it down.  It was much better than I was expecting, with a citrus taste. Now I must tell you, I am not much of a beer drinker.  I mean, I’ll have a single Bud Light or a microbrew here and there, but only if nothing else is available.  But this Tilt I liked.

So before leaving town, I went back to the store and cleaned them out.  In July 2007, we spent a week in Las Vegas, where I proceeded to visit  the Lucky supermarket and clean them out of Tilt 8%.  And what I didn’t drink, we took home.

Now in Las Vegas again this week, I have visited several stores and can’t find any Tilt 8%.  I am finding the 6.6% version, which instead of being citrus-flavored and bright green, it’s bright orange and berry-flavored.  It’s ok, but I’m hooked on the 8%.  And before leaving for home tomorrow, we will find a store in Vegas or Mesquite and buy however many they have left.