Blogging Goodness

I hope all of you in the states had a good holiday [Thanksgiving, Turkey Day, Screw The Diet Day… whatever you want to call it]. I had a few days off and enjoyed it quite a bit. Got caught up with some movies from my Netflix queue, made my famous spinach & artichoke dip as an appetizer before turkey dinner on Thursday and watched our kitchen get that much closer to being done [full blog post with before and after photos once it’s all completed]

One thing I didn’t do that I wanted was to get caught up on my blogging. Oh, my feed reader stayed clear until Friday [blame it on Black Friday], but I’m still stuck at posting two blog posts per week. I’d like to add that third on a weekly basis, but it’s just not happening yet. I’m sure it will soon.

For now, enjoy an all new Snowy Sunday episode… now with snow!

Snowy Sunday Ep. 003 from Marty Mankins on Vimeo.

For the YouTube version, click on this link: Snowy Sunday Episode 003

As for that ‘cool thing‘ I promised from last week’s episode… well, I couldn’t make it happen this time around. But I will soon… I promise… next week. 😉