Mumford & Sons
Bluegrass gone alternative, at least with the cool kids

I’m normally a rocker kind of guy when it comes to music. Throw in some keyboards here and there, some alternative synth sounds and I’m pretty happy. Jazz mixes are good, and I never turn away some good blues based rock n’ roll. But bluegrass has never grabbed me. It seemed too country to me, and I’ve never been much into country [with the exception of some classic Marty Robbins “El Paso”]. But that changed with Mumford & Sons.

Now of course it helps that the song “Little Lion Man” has the catchy line “I really fucked it up this time / Didn’t I, my dear?” You don’t hear that too often in bluegrass music. Pushing that envelope helped bring me around to listening to the rest of the album, which I rather enjoyed.

Songs like “The Cave”, “Roll Away Your Stone” and “Winter Winds” all have a nice flow to them. It’s that mix of banjo with the vocals of band leader Marcus Mumford [who has a similar vocal style to Michael Stipe from R.E.M.] that works for this diverse music lover.

Check out the Amazon link here. And the iTunes link here. You may just become a fan, too.