Lucky Charms and Trix
Silly Marty, Trix are for kids – but leave me my Lucky Charms

Ever since I can first remember, I’ve always loved and been fascinated by breakfast cereals. I mean, what kid wasn’t that grew up in the 60’s and 70’s. Sugar cereals especially were ones that I was always drawn to, with their cool cartoon mascots, wonderful shapes and tasty goodness while watching Saturday Morning cartoons.

But I had a roadblock. My mother was very much against sugar for kids in any form. She spent a good deal of my youth on many health kicks and I was relegated to having to eat Shredded Wheat, Wheat Germ and other forms of healthy crap that I really hated. I mean, what kid loved non-sugar-sweetened cereal? I think Cheerios were allowed, but I always found a way to dump a few spoonfuls of sugar into it, which settled on the bottom of the bowl.

Capn Crunch
The original Cap’n – much better than today’s 3D image of him

Thankfully, I had several options for obtaining what I wanted. A couple of friends of mine had no issue sharing their sugary contraband. But I needed an at-home option, too. So I would use my meager allowance to purchase cereal and store it in my room, and then break it out whilst my mom was off to various Shaklee meetings. Pretty crazy, huh?

When I finally got out on my own, my wife had no issues with me buying the cereal I liked, able to enjoy them out in the open without fear of being busted between spoonfuls.

The Crunchberry Beast makes his classic return

Today, while I have added healthy cereals to my mix, I almost always have a box of one of my favorites around. So when I found these classic cereal boxes revisited at the store a few weeks ago, I relived my days of when I had to enjoy them undercover, now liberated as a adult to eat them whenever I want.

Peanut Butter Crunch
Smedley The Elephant was always a favorite

Favorite Cereals

Lucky Charms take the number 1 spot. Followed by Trix and all three of the Cap’n Crunch varieties.

So tell me… are you a fan of breakfast cereals? What is your favorite? Are there any brands or flavors you hate?