The gang was mostly there – original image taken by Yvonne

Thanks to Yvonne – known to us OG bloggers as Dutch Bitch – there were about 16 of us that got together via Zoom today and had a good 2 hour chat and catch up to “see other” which was pretty damn cool. I’ve know many of these people for the better part of 13 years and most of us, in various numbers, have hung out IRL – in person – in years past at many blogger events. Becky (HelloHaHaNarf), Dave2 (Blogography), Kevin IL (Kapgar), Shannon (BubbleWench), Beth (Sybil Law) Michel (LeSombre), Kyra (Life, Art Chocolate), Ginger (Gingersnaps)… oh and so many others. And for Beth and Kevin, this was the first time I had chatted with them… like actual talking and words and stuff. So that was an added bonus.

Virtual Lanyard

Adding another lanyard to the collection

And as Dave2 has done for pretty much all of the in person blogger events, he created lanyards for each of us. Virtual in the form of the image you see right about this, but he promised to make physical lanyards for a future in person blogger meet up.

Personally for me, this was a much needed event. To see many of those I’ve connected to over the years and to spend part of my weekend day catching up with them, it did wonders for my mood.

So until we can shares drinks, stories and a fun place to travel again, this Zoom meeting will have to do. And I hope there will be more.