marty reading glasses
Eye See You

As you can see from the above pic, I now have glasses. But not full time glasses. Only when I’m reading something up close.

After a year or so of holding things out in the distance so I can see them better [phone, papers, books, serial numbers, etc.], I decided to pay the eye doctor a visit. He says I’m farsighted, which means I can see really well far away, or in other words, pedestrians are safe when I drive.

But for looking at my phone or a book or even a page of small print, these glasses have already made a nice improvement. My first view of my iPhone’s retina screen showed me how clear it really was. Now I don’t have any excuses for not reading my stack of books.

marty reading glasses
Studious, Still Silly

Getting used to glasses since not having worn them since seventh grade [reading glasses then, too] is quite the challenge. I’m sure it becomes second nature over time, but for now, my eyes have to readjust each time I put them on and take them off. Pretty blurry for a few seconds after taking them off.

So who else wears ready glasses?