Seth Meyers, who was the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live, got his own talk show in the form of the NBC Late Night franchise. He replaced Jimmy Fallon when he left in February 2014 to be the host of The Tonight Show.

For the first two years, I watched it sparingly and thought he was funny. But it was late at night. Then I realized that I can watch it the next day via Hulu. That’s when I discovered this segment he does called “A Closer Look” which is his take on a political subject. If you’ve not seen it, you should. He’s spot on with just about everything he discusses and I’ll be damned if it’s not something that rivals various segments seen on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah or Full Frontal with Samantha Bee.

Check out the following two below and see if you become an instant fan.

See what I mean? If you are already a fan of the Closer Look segments, I’ve joined your ranks in making sure I watch these more often.


  • Seth Myers – Russian Hacking and Trump Ethics
  • Seth Myers – The White House wanted more coverage of Trump’s other executive orders. Seth Meyers obliged