2 years old
Original photo found over at 3DPixs.com

Yep, two years ago today, I started this blog. My first post wasn’t very exciting or entertaining, but hey, I had to start somewhere.

Since that first day of April two years ago, I’ve blogged about all sorts of topics, made many videos of both snow and scooter rides, showed you what kind of food I eat, spoke my mind on political subjects and many other details of my life.

While I’ve made promises in the past to post more often here, I am doing my best to change that. I’ve had my own distractions that have wedged their way into my time, which bothers me more on a personal level than it may my readers. Just know that I have daily thoughts about this place and eventually, that will translate into more posts and [hopefully] more often.

And speaking of readers, thank you to those of you that have stuck around. Karl was my first [and only commenter on the first post, and Dave2 was not too far behind on my second post.

So as I start my third year of blogging here at Banal Leakage, I hope to keep my readers just as entertained as they have been these past twenty-four months.