bees ballpark
Rained out baseball game

It’s summer here in Salt Lake City. And it’s rained the last 5 days. Not something I am happy about. It disrupts many outdoor activities. And while I don’t mind a little summer rain to cool things off every so often, these storms are pouring rain, flooding lawns, roads and ball parks.

We had tickets to go see the Salt Lake Bees tonight, but after a couple of hours of constant, pouring rain, they postponed the game.

red butte
Looming clouds, leftover from earlier in the day

On Tuesday night, I went with my daughter to see Grouplove and Portugal. The Man in concert. Earlier in the day, it poured rain. So at the concert, we had looming clouds that we were obviously very concerned about. Fortunately, it didn’t rain during the concert.

wet table
Wet from the rain, both table and chairs

Getting home, I found lots of water on our deck. The layer of water on the table above was like a sheet a glass. Have to just let it dry when the rain decides it wants to stop.

wet footprints
My Two Left Footprints

And nothing like walking around barefoot, leaving my mark. Let’s hope for less rain as summer winds down it’s last 30 days.