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Can we please get rid of Flash
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Today, yet another security vulnerability was discovered in the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. And the fix this time is to uninstall it.

You know we all wish we could. But for some reason, there are still a ton of web sites that use Flash and every so often, you run into a site that major parts of it require Flash enabled for the site to even function. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but IE 6 has done a better job of going away than Flash has.

I’ve solved some of the problem on my MacBook by removing Flash from my Safari browser. I have it enabled on my Firefox browser, which is much more efficient at managing power and CPU usage than Safari. I don’t even have Chrome installed on this MacBook due to it’s past history of being a CPU and battery hog. I hear newer updates are better, but I’m not ready to install it just yet [I have all 3 browsers installed on my desktop Mac at home].

So we live with another security flaw in a browser plug-in that should have been taken out back and shot years ago. And while most of my removing and reducing of Flash is due to CPU and battery on the MacBook, I do also care about the security holes it is constantly chasing down.

At least YouTube has been making efforts to remove Flash from it’s videos and move to HTML5.

Let’s see the rest of the internet move a little quicker, please.