sys admin day
Happy Sysadmin Day

Happy Sysadmin Day 2012

The life of a sys admin or a network admin [or for those wanting the correct longer labels – System Administrator and Network Administrator] is never easy. Long hours, even longer breaks between meals and bathroom breaks when something in down and to be relied upon by many – with mostly no thanks given back.

In my almost 27 years as a network admin, I have had my share of appreciation and thanks from a lot of people, but it’s been a good 4 years since I’ve seen the rare case of “thank you for your efforts” – the number of times I can almost count on one hand and with room for more “thanks”, too.

As I prepare to venture into my final chapter in IT, I can say that I have more in common with Rodney Dangerfield in getting “no respect” for the time, energy and countless other things in my personal life that have been given up for my superiors in keeping the data center and it’s contents up and running.

So from one network admin to the others, I give you thanks for your dedication in your mostly one-way efforts of supporting a companies technical infrastructure.

Now it’s Friday… go give yourself some well-deserved appreciation with a round of drinks. Cheers!