freestyle machine


As I have posted previously, it’s no surprise that I love soda. Even with my cutback to just one a week, I make that soda count. Recently I found out that Coke was expanding their test market for their Freestyle soda machine into Utah. A co-worker was kind enough to tell me where it was located and I took a visit.

This machine is like a smorgasbord of different flavors of Coke products: Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Mr. Pibb, just to name a few. There are over 106 unique flavors that can be made. I decided to try as many as I could, without giving myself a soda overload. Since the Freestyle machine was located at a movie theater, I paid a movie theater price for a refillable cup ($3.25). So I wanted to get my dollar value from this experience. Below are a couple of videos of me testing this awesome machine out.

Making a Grape Sprite

Making a Coke with Lime (the sugar one, not the inferior diet version)

Freestyle Thoughts

The Coke with Lime was nice to find, since they discontinued the HFCS version of it in cans and bottles [only the diet version remains, which is horrible]. Unfortunately, this concoction was not the right mix. It was good, but overly sweet, drowning out the Coke from the Lime. The Grape Sprite I tried was just right. Not too sweet, a well-induced grape flavor that went down nicely.

In addition to the above, I also tried Fanta Peach, Cherry Sprite and Mr. Pibb. But when all was tasted and sipped, I ended up liking Raspberry Coke the best. The mix of the flavor with real coke with a good mix of raspberry was extra tasty.

I have found another Coke Freestyle machine via their Facebook page with cheaper soda prices and will expand on the different flavors in a sit down setting, giving me more time to experiment. If you get a chance to try this, it’s very cool and for any soda lover – especially Coke products – you will be very pleased. Check the location listing at their Facebook page to see if there’s a Coke Freestyle near you.