texas pool party

News – Story 1: End of school pool party turns bad, cop holds down black teen girl

News – Story 2: Texas teacher posts on Facebook, blaming black people, asking for them to be segregated
News – Story 3: Prisoners at New York prison escaped through manhole, used power tools

  • RANT: White privilege and it’s power and control
  • – my thoughts on how blacks are still mistreated, compared to white people in an identical circumstance; people say “why do we have gay pride or black history month?” or why is the phrase “Black Lives Matter” come across as more important than “All Lives Matter”; and to that, I always respond, “because we have a history where those that are gay or black have been abused and controlled” if we would just treat people equally and fairly and move on from our racist and bigoted past, we wouldn’t need days or weeks or months dedicated to showing that we care about certain people.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Catching Up With Podcasts
  • – I know it is confusing to my listeners that I have gotten way behind in my podcasting and that I want to record each episode instead of just letting go and being current; without going into a lot of detail here, I’ve blogged before about my distractions in life; the last couple of years, it’s caused me to blog less, which in turn, I now podcast less; for reasons for my own sanity and for my own efforts, I wanted to complete these episodes that I have already done research for with the news stories and when they took place; when I get a few done in a row, it really helps my internal self here; I know listener Kapgar has suggested that I do a month summary to help me get caught up, which is a good suggestion and one that I am still considering; so I thank you for your patience with me on these episodes and that my hope is to get current again someday here very soon.

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