It Can’t Be True, Can It? :

  • – cold one day, warm the next. Must be spring in Utah.
  • – one more episode closer to being caught up; 5 more to being caught up from this point in the month; Soon you won’t have to hear this often.
  • News – Story 1: GOP Senators sent letter to Iranian Supreme Leader, dissing Obama
  • – Ayatollah Ali Khamenei called the letter a sign of “the collapse of political ethics” in the US; so what happened is these senators, led by Tom Cotton, who is so far off the rails, it’s insane, decided to tell the leaders of Iran that any nuclear deal would be overturned once Obama left office in January 2017; the idea of how far the hatred these elected officials have for our president is just mind blowing; I can’t image how they could put our country at any more risk – and putting the American people at risk – with this act of betrayal; how does one get to this level that you hate everything and anything that the President does, even if it’s a positive thing like keeping us from starting a war with Iran; they want to embarrass Obama because he’s trying to do something that they have no desire to do; war to the GOP is money in all of the coffers’s pockets; it’s 2003 all over again, just next door; while deals are being made at this time, it’s will thankfully override the lunacy of those who put an entire country at risk due to their utter hatred for a single individual.
    – Link to article: Senators’ Letter To Iran Leader Sets Dangerous Precedent

  • News – Story 2: Disney announces “Frozen 2”, no release date yet
  • – You know after the success of the original “Frozen” movie that Disney would make a sequel; John Lasseter and Bob Iger made the announcement along with Josh Gad, the voice of Olaf; the original movie came out in November 2013 and has made billions at both the box office, on video and in merchandising; no surprise here that Disney wouldn’t want to capitalize on their success; no story line has been released, nor has any production dates or filming efforts; guess we shall wait to see what happens; for those who hate the Frozen movie, just “let it go”; you don’t have to watch it or buy anything.
    – Link to article: Disney Announces ‘Frozen 2′

  • News – Story 3: No booze allowed during Idaho showings of “Fifty Shades of Grey”
  • – there are theaters that serve booze; we have one here in Salt Lake called Brewvie’s; and in Boise they have one called Village Cinema; a recent showing of “Fifty Shades of Grey” left theater owners faced with breaking the law if they served booze during any of the showings; the reason was due to the the bondage and S&M scenes in the movie, which according to Idaho lawmakers, was a big no-no; so theater owners had to ensure no one was going into the theater with an adult beverage; seems these states have laws on the books that prohibit any kind of drinking liquor for movies that show certain types of sexual activity; no fines were served, just watered down drinks.
    – Link to article: Idaho State Police Bans Alcohol Theater Showings of ‘50 Shades of Grey’

  • RANT: Wearing Religion on your sleeve
  • – my thoughts on how people make sure others know they are religious, in a power trip view to the rest of society.
    Tool band

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: With lawsuit settled, Tool now working on finishing new album
  • – so it’s been since 2006 when Tool last released a new album “10,000 Days”; more like 10,000 years, which was a pretty decent release, but I really liked “Lateralus” more, which came out over 14 years ago; the reason for the album delay? an insurance lawsuit; the band had taken out an insurance policy but then got sued by the insurance company for a breach of contract; it’s all very confusing, but finally the lawsuit got settled – in the band’s favor – and they can now focus on getting an album out. 9 years is a long time between albums, but it’s one of those things we had to be patient for; hope the wait will have been worth it.

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