It’s been a while since I’ve done one of my Top 9 blog posts. I’ve got a movie one planned soon, But for this post, I’m changing it up a bit. First off, it’s only a Top 5. And this one is a dislike list. In fact, it’s songs I hate… utterly can’t stand to hear in any place. I will leave the room, if appropriate, when one of these songs comes on. They grate on me so much, that I get physically irritated if I have to endure more than a few seconds of these utter musical disasters.

Now I know some of you reading this may think differently, so bear with me as I give a quick summary on why I can’t stand each of these songs.

[NOTE: I tried to find a way to embed the player from for each of these songs, but it didn’t work. So if you want to listen, you’ll have to click the link and have it open a new browser window.]

  1. Extreme – “More Than Words”
    More Than Words
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    I’ve liked some of Extreme’s other songs, but for some reason this song just seemed so out of place. Almost like it was some radio hit created just to please the masses and piss off us rockers. I like a good ballad, but this song just didn’t connect with me.


  3. Chris de Burgh – “The Lady In Red”
    The Lady In Red
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    I physically cringe when I hear this horrible hack of a love song come on the radio. I can’t turn the station fast enough. I’m sure this guy is talented, but I have zero interest in hearing anything else he’s done. In my musical world, this album and all singles would be out of print.


  5. Plain White T’s – “Hey There Delilah”
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    Please tell me why this song is so important to so many people? Maybe I grew up in the wrong generation, but this effortless and mindless tune brings some to tears and swooning. Of course, most of those are girls, so that could explain why I don’t like this song. But I’ve seen guys tap along to this and get all dreamy. Give me a break and find another song.


  7. James Blunt – “You’re Beautiful”
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    Mr. Blunt has the most annoying voice that the pop world seems to embrace. Add to that this song, which grates on my nerves like shredded cheese. But I like shredded cheese. I don’t like this song, or James Blunt. He dated a hot supermodel [see a photo of Petra Nemcova] and became an overnight sensation. I’ve heard his first album a few times [not always by choice] and I’ve had to remove it from my iPod. I tried to like him, but can’t.


  9. Daniel Powter – “Bad Day”
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    Like James Blunt above, this guy is one of those “me too” sound-a-likes that have that grating pop sound. I like some pop songs and even have a few guilty pleasures [another post for another time]. And I don’t mind someone creating music to get a quick hit. But this Blunt-like clone isn’t for me. And neither is his explanation of a bad day. If I’m having a bad day, I’m picking another song to listen to.

Sounds Off

After reading all that, I’m sure some of you are ready to defend some of these songs. Or maybe there are some that like me, can’t stand these tunes. Chat me up in the comments.

Now if you’ll excuse me for a bit, I’ve got to remove any trace of these songs from my brain with some of my favorites.