Fall To Pieces :

  • – We are a good month into the fall season here; leaves change colors, collect on the ground; weather gets colder.
  • – But right around the corner, Daylight Saving goes away; can’t wait to get back to standard time; wish we were like Arizona and Hawaii and just get rid of the twice year time change.
  • News – Story 1: No albums released this year have gone platinum
  • – 10 months into the year and not a single album released in 2014 has gone platinum – 1 million copies sold in the US; the closest album that was actually released in 2014 is Eric Church “Outsiders” which is approaching 750k; Lorde and Beyonce have sold a bit more than 750k, but they were albums that were released in 2013, of which Justin Timberlake’s “The 20/20 Experience” and 4 other releases crossed the platinum mark; the number one seller this year is the Frozen soundtrack, also released in 2013, has moved 3.2 million copies, making it the only album to have sold more than 1 million copied in 2014; record sales are a sad state, if you base it on sales numbers; or if you are Taylor Swift, who might just be the first to the million seller with her new album “1989”.
    – Link to article: No one has a platinum album in 2014

  • News – Story 2: HBO Go web only subscription coming in 2015
  • – almost 2 weeks ago, HBO made news that their popular online service will be available outside of a cable TV subscription; currently, you need to obtain HBO from your cable provider in order to use the HBO Go app/service; the number of cord cutters has grown in the last few years and more people subscribe to Netflix, Hulu Plus; the list is growing with CBS recently announcing it’s own service; I want HBO, but don’t care to pay the $20 a month to my cable company; I’m trying to find ways to reduce or remove cable TV, but not quite there yet; glad to see HBO finally making it possible to cut their cord from the cable companies on their stranglehold requirement for having a separate subscription just to use the app; I hope HBO doesn’t charge more than $20 a month; I’m hoping it’s closer to $15; can’t wait.
    – Link to article: HBO GO Available To Non-Cable Subscribers In 2015
    marriage equality

  • News – Story 3: Marriage equality is now legal in 32 states
  • – thanks to the US Supreme Court not wanting to hear the appeals cases before a few weeks ago, marriage equality (same-sex marriage) is now legal in 32 states; Kansas, Texas, Florida and Michigan have pending stays and legal action keeping the ban on SSM until they can pull their collective heads out of their asses; Utah, surprisingly enough, lead the way last December; the state spent over $600,000 fighting marriage equality; your taxes at work; Some day, it will be legal nationwide; for now, the fight is pretty much over in the states that allow it; nothing bad has happened, no opposite couple marriages have fallen apart; it’s just a fact of life that those who wish to marry their partner, should have the legal status without a bunch of nanny state religious freaks denying it at every turn; in the end, equality wins. It just takes time.
    – Link to article: Marriage Equality Arrives In Wyoming

  • RANT: “You’ll Never Believe what happened” stories/links that make you click through
  • – you see these on Facebook all the time; it shows some picture and then “you won’t believe what happens next” then nothing until you click; once you do, you usually see the conclusion to the story, but with a page filled with ads and tons of extra links; the term is called “link bait” and it’s pretty common on most social media sites; I can’t stand these links, let alone any site that uses an unlimited bevy of pop up ads; these stories have some type of intrigue to them, enough where there’s many links all over the web; next time you see one, don’t click, regardless how curious you are.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Love the music of Miniature Tigers
  • – my daughter turned me on to them when they came through Utah back in 2008; they played this little club called Kilby Court – holds maybe 200 people tops; I’ve seen them many times over the years, including 3 times this year; Their latest album “Cruel Runnings” is polished alternative with that pop crossover; I’ve gotten to know the band members: Charlie, Rick, Algernon and Brandon that they recognize my daughter and I when we walk into a venue; they just finished their tour and are taking a holiday rest; can’t wait to hear what they have for us in 2015.

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