One of the bloggers I follow is Mr Shiny. His blog is called Shiny’s Takeout and it’s funny. He’s a clever one and he’s got some great blog posts he’s published for the world to see.

So clever is he that he’s gone and done an entire week of blog posts that are remakes of other bloggers. He’s calling it:

Plagiarism Week '09

So far, he’s done Kapgar (Kevin), Hellohahanarf (Becky), All of the Becky’s and Rebecca, Down With Pants and yours truly.

Shiny's plagiarism of Banal Leakage

If you’ve not gone over to his blog, go check out all of the fun. You might have to do a double take on what blog you are really reading.

Original Blogs

For comparison, here’s the links to the original blogs Shiny had plagiarized so far:


Midnight Cliff (Becky)

Out of my Tree (Bec)

Girl Scout Dropout (Becky)


Down With Pants (Brandon)

How’s that for a slew of shout-outs.


Since the publication of this post, Shiny has plagiarized several more blogs.

Miss Britt (Britt)

Avitable (Adam)

Snackie’s World (Hilly)

Blogography (Dave2) (Wayne)

A Pile Of Dog Bones (NYCWD)

Poppy Cedes (Poppy)

Did I leave any other shout outs off the list above? Shiny did a lot of plagiarizing.