compact disc
Happy 30th Birthday to the CD

Happy Birthday to the Compact Disc, which turned 30 years old today.

unforgettable fire cd
The first CD I purchased in April 1988

I delayed my purchase of CDs for over 5 years – only because I was still mostly consumed with cassettes, which were inferior quality to the CD, but less expensive. But it was U2’s “The Unforgettable Fire” that became my first CD purchase.

In the 25 years that followed, I still buy some albums on CD [I’ve purchased at least 10 CDs this year]. I’ve moved most of my album purchases to digital the last 4 years and am ok with the modern format, but it was the CD that made it’s way as a durable format for music. And one that’s obviously stood the test of time [I maintain a collection well over 300 ].

As fewer CDs get sold and made these days, I wonder how the 40th anniversary of it’s founding will read. Guess we’ll find out in 10 years.