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News – Story 1: Federal government will no longer fund military-grade weapons and tanks to local police forces;
News – Story 2: Rival biker gangs meet in Waco, TX, 9 killed and 18 injured;
News – Story 3: Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia, killing 8 and injuring hundreds;

  • RANT: Josh Duggar and hiding molestation for years
  • – the oldest of the Duggar family, who have 19 kids and several of these 19, including Josh, also are starting their own quiver full of kids, was forced to come clean about his molesting his sisters and a friend when he was 14; it all got brushed under the rug back then, hoping it would never be heard of; Oprah Winfrey heard of this via a leaked police report years ago and refused to have this family on her show; the way it was all handled was so wrong; no respect for the victims; TLC has now pulled the show, pretty much killing it for good; Josh apologized; statements have been made; the sick part about all of this is the hypocrisy with the moral image this family has put out there; waiting a year to go the authorities for proper reporting of such acts; the defenders like Mike Huckabee, would most certainly lambast the media and create their own circus if Josh would have been a gay atheist, coming clean years after molesting his sisters; instead, Mr. Fuckabee is supporting this family; religious nuts must stick together to weather the “media storm”; I am so sick this shit happens and they use excuse after excuse to keep it hidden; private family matters aside, I see nothing wrong with the public knowing about this; these people are frauds and hypocritical in their claims about morality; let’s hope this media blast goes away soon, for the victims sake.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Pac-man turns 35
  • – the yellow pie-shaped video game icon that eats dots and blue ghosts came onto the scene and into the arcades 35 years ago; 1980 was a year full of arcade classics, but Pac-man was one of the biggest; I spent many quarters back then playing all sorts of videos games, including Pac-man; if you knew the pattern of moves to make, you could play for hours on one quarter, which it took some skills to get to that point; each screen had different fruits to designate the level you were on; there were a total of 256 levels, with the last level having a glitch that covered up the screen, where playing a pattern helped get you through the game; way before this final level, there were parts where the ghosts wouldn’t change blue when you ate the power pellet; I still play this game today on my mobile devices and it’s still just as fun; always fun to celebrate a milestone birthday like this. Wocka Wocka Wocka.

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  • Federal Government Will No Longer Give Local Police Certain Military-Grade Equipment
  • 9 Dead After Shootout Between Rival Biker Gangs In Central Texas
  • Amtrak train derails in Philadelphia, killing 8 and injuring hundreds