Disney+ – cancelled for now

I cancelled Disney+ and for few reasons. Follow along as I explain in detail.


Last year, including taxes, Disney+ was $118 for the ad-free yearly plan. This year, it was going to be $146 a year. For me and how often I watched Disney+, it was just too much for me, given so many other streaming services I already subscribe to.

Password Crackdown

With my separated wife and I living in separate homes, I wasn’t going to pay for a streaming service that she couldn’t watch anymore. I know.. I know… aside from the “being nice” part of paying for her to watch TV, this was a good opportunity to “cut her off” and make her pay for her own Disney+ subscription. She still gets Peacock, HBO Max, Apple TV+ and Prime Video that I am paying for that haven’t done the password crackdown scheme that Netflix started.

Too Many Others

For all of the other streaming services I have mentioned above, I would have been at just under $700 a year for all of the ones I have including the $146 a year for Disney+. Thank goodness I get HBO Max included in my AT&T phone plan which saves me a little bit.

Into The Future

I have Disney+ until April 19. 2024 so I am watching shows until then. I admit the Taylor Swift Eras concert was really good, even if I only knew a few songs.

I am sure that given time, and updated shows and new seasons, I will do a month-to-month on Disney+ again. I am not much a binge watcher, but I could learn to embrace it on a monthly basis.