Foo Fighters 2020 stream
The band ready to rock The Roxy

One of my favorite bands – Foo Fighters – decided to be part of the streaming concert series and do a one off show streaming live from The Roxy in Los Angeles, CA on November 14, 2020. The cost was $15 plus $1.50 fee. Sounds like a deal to me.

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
Foo Fighter Live Streaming landing page at No Cap

All of the proceeds from this streaming show went to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, which financially helps out road crew and other workers who have not had work or a regular paycheck during this pandemic. With no live shows at all from mid-March onward, this has impacted many that normally are on tour with bands. A nice thing for the Foos to do, for sure. And sponsored by Coors Light, which had cans with the FF 25 logo, which was to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Foo Fighters being a band and the release of their debut album in July 1995. Thanks to COVID-19, all of those tour plans got cancelled.

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
Sponsored by Coors Light, proceeds go to Sweet Relief Musicians Fund

A few mins after 5pm PST, all 6 members of the band on came on the stage with no audience, save for the road crew, filming crew, mixing board personnel [including Ian Beveridge, the monitor engineer who has been with Dave and the band for 30 years, doing his job remotely from Canada] and the venue staff. There was some awkwardness with Dave trying to be a talkative front man while he constantly chewed his gum. But ever the vocal and active front man, Dave excelled at this scaled back performance.

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
Dave at the beginning of the show asking when the live stream will start.

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
“You know you are part of the band” Dave scolds the few cheers during the middle of “These Days”

The show was 90 mins long [2 hours if you include the 30 mins lead up with the Beer Can Cam and views of the band coming out on stage and leaving the stage] – which is much shorter than most normal stadium and arena shows that are over 3 hours long. The set list of what they played in that 90 mins is below./p>

Set List

  1. “All My Life” (with “Making a Fire” teaser intro)
  2. “The Pretender”
  3. “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”
  4. “Times Like These”
  5. “Shame Shame”
  6. My Hero” (with road crew sing a long)
  7. “These Days”
  8. “Learn To Fly” (with “Holding Poison” teaser outro)
  9. This Is A Call” (with “No Son of Mine” teaser outro)
  10. “Make It Right”
  11. “Best Of You”
  12. “Everlong”

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
Taylor Hawkins on the drums

The songs played were mostly their hits, with the new song “Shame, Shame” and some snippets of the new songs from their forthcoming 10th album “Medicine At Midnight” in February 2021.

Foo Fighters 2020 stream
The band performing “Best Of You”

The stream was only supposed to last 48 hours, but ended up being available for 72 hours. But I never refreshed my browser, so I kept playing it every day… sometimes multiple times a day until I had to reboot my iMac this last Sunday, which means I got over a week of being able to loophole stream this show. I played various parts over and over like the sing a long Dave and the band did during “My Hero” I was so happy that I got to watch it multiple times and for 4 days past the expiration. If this comes out on digital or DVD or some format, it would be worth it to get it. A very intimate show and one that I was more than happy to spend $16.50 on.

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