Photo taken April 10, 2016

I went well more than 2 weeks between updates on my nose. Here’s what I have to show, picture wise.

At this point, the healing process, more than a month after the freezing, is looking pretty bad. People see me and wonder if I biffed it on my scooter or got a really bad sunburn.

More Topical Cream

Photo taken April 20, 2016

I keep this topical cream on my nose – just the area that needs healing – every night. Still doesn’t mean it dries it out and has the flaky skin peeling off. Not very attractive.

Protect It

Photo taken on April 26, 2016

The healing is almost done. Looking better, still dried out in parts where the new skin is coming in. And still gets a little blood scar parts due to the drying out. Stopped using the topical cream at this stage, which is nice since it was doing more harm than good, in my view and opinion. Yes, it was healing things, but it was super annoying to not see much progress and the affected area getting larger in shape.

Photo taken on May 21, 2016

Almost a month later and a trip to Cancun, where I was very good at keeping SPF 50 sunscreen on my entire face and nose, the healing process looks complete. To see it in person, the area of that part of my nose looks a little darker, spot wise. But it’s obvious enough that it healed.

In hindsight, I’m glad I had it checked out, but with all of that scabbing and dark red skin, I questioned my decision to get it checked out often during the healing process.

I have a visit to the doctor in a few weeks so she can give her medically-trained opinion.