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Rock Hall Voting for 2017 nominees

This year’s list of nominees to the Rock Hall of Fame came out last week and the list is quite diverse. Click here to see all of the nominees and to vote.

And as with last year, anyone can vote, adding to the almost 1000 approved list of voters that are in various parts of the music industry.

Who I Voted For

As for who I voted for, here are my picks:

  • Depeche Mode
  • Jane’s Addiction
  • Journey
  • Pearl Jam
  • The Cars

Go Vote

To vote, click on this link to enter your 5 choices. It was tough this year, as there are so many that finally made it to the list and some that made the list their first year of eligibility [25 years from the date of the first single released]. Journey is the one to root for going in as it may be the first time in many years that Steve Perry will join the rest of his band mates on stage.

So vote and let me know who you picked for your 5. They let you vote once per day, through December 5, 2016, so you can pick all of them if you want or keep the same artists.

The ceremony for those that make the official inductee list happens in April 2017, with a later broadcast on HBO about a month later.

For more details on the list, read this article over on to get caught up.