mom 09-02-2002
From September 2002 in front of her apartment in Garden Grove, CA

Nine years ago today, I spent some serious soul searching amidst my sadness in the moments, hours and days after my mom died. I remember it like it was yesterday, yet it’s been 9 years now.

I post every year not to bring up the pain, but to remember. My relationship with my mom was strained for a years when the above photo was taken. We were in the beginning of repairing it in 2002 to a point to where it was very good at the time of her death in 2006. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that both of us worked towards that. It’s something I don’t know how well I could have lived with myself if I had left it in a broken state.

We were polar opposites in many ways, as most children are to their parents at various times of their lives. But aside of those differences, I do treasure the parts of our relationship that were in sync.

Next Year is 10

I plan to dig through as many things as I can before next year, which will be the 10th anniversary of my mom’s death, and post some photos out here that I’ve not scanned before. And other items I find, as well.

For now, I remember this day – Nine Years Ago.