disney mugs
Out with the old Tigger

During the recent vacation I took with my family to Florida, our visit to many of the gift shops inside Disney World had us looking at many items, coffee mugs being one of those items. You see, it’s been sometime since we purchased any mugs from Disney World – 2007 to be exact. The mugs we bought didn’t last very long. In fact, I think they barely went 3 years before we ended up recycling them.

The above mugs, however, were purchased back in late 2001 at Disneyland, which show how long they have lasted. The Tigger is faded some, but the Mickey mug looks almost new still.

disney mugs
Should I use those Kleenex to wipe Tigger’s butt?

The Tigger mug was my wife’s and she has drank many a cup of coffee from it. Even the backside of the mug, which has Tigger’s butt showing signs of fading as well. We decided it was time to retire the mugs, although I’m still fond of my Mickey mug, given how well it’s held up over the last 13 years. So it gets to stay. So long Tigger mug. You were well liked over the years.

disney mugs
Bring in the new Tigger

We purchased new mugs this visit, with my wife picking a nice large Tigger branded. I wanted to go retro and a bit smaller, going with a Magic Kingdom branded mug that has all sorts of labeling of past years on it.

Let’s see how long these mugs will last. I’m hoping for at least 5 years of coffee drinking.