Josh Freese
Josh Freese is the new drummer for the Foo Fighters

It is official. Josh Freese is the new drummer for the Foo Fighters. At first, I thought maybe he was just going be along for the ride as the bands touring drummer for 2023. But checking sources, he is the new permanent drummer for the band, replacing Taylor Hawkins. After Taylor died, I had first put my guess of Stephen Perkins being a possible replacement, but then Kevin IL mentioned Rufus Taylor, son of Queen drummer Roger Taylor and drummer of The Darkness. Then I went to the Taylor Hawkins Tribute show last September in Los Angeles and saw so many of the drummers that participated in the tribute with Josh and Rufus playing incredible.

For a resume of Josh’s work over the years, check his wiki page. It’s a very long list.

Preparing Music For Concerts

Josh Freese
the free streaming event

On Sunday, The band held a free streaming event (prerecorded unknown date but recent). Since Sunday, I’ve watched it at least 12 times. Here is the setlist:

  1. “All My Life”
  2. “Rescued” – new song
  3. “No Son Of Mine” – with a mini Black Sabbath “Paranoid” jam
  4. “Under You” – new song
  5. “Workin’ For A Livin'” – a bit of a Huey Lewis cover/jam
  6. “The Sky is a Neighborhood”
  7. “Nothing At All” new song
  8. “Monkey Wrench”
  9. “Aurora”

The Drum Solo and Groove

Josh Freese
The look Dave gives Josh at the end of “Monkey Wrench”

The whole event was cool, funny and strong. It started out with cameos by Chad Smith, Tommy Lee and Danny Carrey before Josh gets revealed. Then there’s the drum solo at the end of “Monkey Wrench” and the groove jam at the end of “Aurora” – so very cool, powerful and epic.

I have my tickets to see the band here in SLC on August 8th. It is a sold out show. I am hoping for the typical 3 hr set the band plays. And to see Josh play as an official Foo Fighter.