Episode 013

– Changes, They Are A-Coming

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  • – It might be spring, but today it’s snowing here in Salt Lake City; one day last week, it was sunny and 74. Today, snowy and 42; really am looking forward to summer.
  • – I ended up sick this last week; ate normal, but down below, it was all… TMI; much better since Friday; all bad things must pass. Okay.. no more.
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  • News – Story 1: Hobby Lobby Petitions US Supreme Court for religious exemption in ACA
  • – a craft store; they claim as a family owned business, they should have the right to not provide certain contraceptives that go against their religious beliefs; arguments from their lawyer, with rebuttal from Justices Sotomayor and Kagan; all except for Justice Thomas had some questions; they were very informative; this request for religious exemption was met with valid responses on the issue of blood transfusions and vaccinations that are against other religions; lawyer had a slippery slope response; RFRA from 1993 came up a lot; the hypocritical push from Hobby Lobby to refuse coverage of Ella and Plan-B is glaring, as they used to cover them without issue before the ACA was enacted; This is nothing more than going down the dangerous road of allowing business to use religion to refuse coverage for their employees; no politician or business owner should be making healthcare decisions for their employees; Hobby Lobby feels these certain contraceptives do cause abortions; not true; they prevent pregnancy, they do not terminate an existing pregnancy; medical decisions should be a doctor or physician determining what their patient needs; a decision is expected on this case sometime in June; Justice Kennedy swing vote.
    – Link to article: Is the Contraception Mandate Doomed?

  • News – Story 2: Britain legalizes same-sex marriage
  • – it became law on Saturday at midnight; couples lined up waiting to exchange vows; civil unions have been legal for over 7 years now; this is a long time coming to the UK and London; Ireland not yet legal; David Cameron, the prime minister, praised this decision; equality continues to roll forward; Those were were in a civil union will be able to convert to full marriage by year’s end.
    – Link to article: Same-sex couples celebrate first day of equal marriage

  • News – Story 3: CTA Blue Line Train Derailed
  • – this was last Monday morning at 3am; 30 people injured; no deaths; amazing and incredible that there were not more harm; Had to be how early it was; train operator fell asleep and didn’t brake in time; O’Hare station reopened this morning with a temporary staircase that replaced the escalator; the quick turn around and clean up was great to see; would love to see footage of that clean up and how they removed the damaged train.
    – Link to article: Blue Line O’Hare station reopens

  • RANT: Pop ups on web pages
  • – for years, we’ve had pop ups on web pages; browsers have pop up blockers; ather’s nothing more frustrating than going to a web site to read an article and having several pop ups get in the way of what you are trying to read; more intrusive ads, subscribe requests, help chat… you name it, it will pop up; starting to happen on mobile platforms as well; no real way to get around it; frantically looking for little X in the corner; I’m all for ads on your site, but enough with constant intrusions that block and interfere with what I came to your site to see; need to revisit how you put ads on your site.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Cosmos is back
  • – scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson is the host; 34 years ago, Carl Sagan hosted the original Cosmos TV series; i’m old enough to remember the original series; this time around, producer Seth MacFarlane brings us a Sunday night prime time show that focuses on scientific facts and theories that show how the earth was formed, the many galaxies, the formation of life; it’s an hour long show that has been much needed in this day and age of creationism and the earth being 6,000 years old; I praise this show each week for asking questions about the origins and facts; Tune into your local Fox station on Sunday nights 9pm Eastern and Pacific, 8pm Central and Mountain.

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