Presidential candidate and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tweeted a photo yesterday of what he thinks defines America. The “kill or be killed” mentality. Perhaps we need to see a pic of Jeb doing the open carry, next to the Chips Ahoy at the Publix to see if he’s really serious about his tweet.

Um, no. Please and 100 times NO.


Land Sea Air

I had a few responses to Jeb’s tweet, including the one above [that’s called an Land/Sea/Air, which combines the McDonald’s food items: Big Mac, Filet O’ Fish and McChicken] which is just one example of what’s wrong with the mindset and habits of selected Americans.

It’s too bad that Jeb choose to focus on only one of the Constitutional Amendments. Perhaps he could have done better by posting a photo relating to other amendments or other things that define America, such as a factory worker, a couple standing in front of their home, kids playing at the park, Mount Rushmore… nope. He had to be a firearm… err… a firebrand.

Maybe this will help him rise in the polls. Negativity seems to work quite well for Mr. Trump.