News – Story 1: My thoughts on why the Black Lives Matter movement is a step forward towards eradicating racism in our society.

  • RANT: All Lives Matter is a term that doesn’t mean what people think it means
  • – Yes, the term if taken literally, means you care about everyone; but for the majority of humanity, that should be a given; using the term All Lives Matter as a way or means to denounce Black Lives Matter is where the term falls short of paying attention to the focus on black lives, which number wise, are a lot more affected than white lives; that sounds odd, but it’s really not; take a look at the history of this country and which race was treated unfairly and with disrespect for decades and centuries; today, the number of blacks being shot and killed and pulled over when compared to whites is a figure no one that cares about humanity can ignore; the All Lives Matter term is almost always brought up and used by those who don’t see why Black Lives Matter is an important phrase, focus and mantra from those trying to reduce the amount of discrimination that’s been a part of our society for far too long.

  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Proud to stand with the Black Lives Matter movement and group
  • – Since it’s inception, I’ve been proud to not only understand the Black Lives Matter movement, but also call myself an ally of those are treated unfairly in our cities, schools, churches and in all public areas.

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  • The next time someone says ‘all lives matter,’ show them these 5 paragraphs