It’s A Shame :

  • – nothing like catching up with many things in life, personal emails, included.
  • – closer to spring here, both calendar and current weather conditions; there will be a late snow, trust me on this one.
  • News – Story 1: Brian Williams, NBC news anchor, suspended without pay for 6 months
  • – Thanks to a story that Brian told about being in a helicopter that went down in Iraq and telling it multiple times on national TV appearances, NBC decided to make Brian’s few days off the air even longer; the head of NBC news was sad in announcing this, but felt it was the proper steps to take; while fabricating news stories is common over on the Fox News Channel, NBC felt they didn’t want to paint themselves into a starting corner; Lester Holt has taken over for Brian Williams during his unpaid leave; the other option would have been to fire Mr. Williams, which given his long tenure at the news desk and given he doesn’t have a regular history of changing the stories, i don’t see firing him as a valid option; I welcome Brian’s return.
    – Link to article: Brian Williams suspended for six months
    jon stewart

  • News – Story 2: Jon Stewart announces he’s leaving “The Daily Show” later this year
  • – on the satirical side of the news, Jon Stewart as the host who takes real news and finds the humor and the hypocrisy, announced he was leaving in a sad but very emotional ending back in early February; he’s been with the Daily Show since 1999; he took a leave of absence in 2013 to film “Rosewater”; the show has pretty close to 3 millions viewers per episode; he will be hard to replace; his delivery on being ultra critical of news stories is great; he built this show into an avenue for people to get current news with the proper broadcast that they deserve; honesty and boldness is what the other media outlets lack; Jon Stewart has given us a great run; I wish him the best in what comes next for his career.
    – Link to article: Jon Stewart Leaving ‘The Daily Show’

  • News – Story 3: Van Halen releasing first ever live album with David Lee Roth
  • – wait, wasn’t there another live Van Halen album? yes, there was with Sammy Hagar; for some, this is the first time people are hearing David Lee Roth live; I saw VH live back in 1982 and know that Dave’s vocals are different live than they are in the studio; heard a few songs and they sound good; production quality is decent; plus this is also the first time Wolfgang Van Halen gets to visit Japan, or so DLR says in one of the song’s openers; if you are a hard core VH fan, you will have to pick this up; I know I plan to when it comes out on March 31st.
    – Link to article: Van Halen’s Definitive Live Album & Remasters

  • RANT: Religious liberty is just another way to support legalized discrimination
  • – so here’s how it works; gay people are in the process of gaining rights for things like marriage; religious people that think this is against their religious beliefs are wanting to codify discrimination into the law by refusing to issue a marriage license when it’s legal in their state; or refuse service to any gay person or same-sex couple; they also want the ability to use any and all reasons to shun gays in society, under the “it’s against my religion” statement; this is such a ruse on many levels; states trying to protect religions from having to support anything gay; religion is a protected choice and that choice is used a lot when it comes to not wanting to deal with other people’s rights and ability to make a living, rent a decent home or walk out in the public without dealing with being shamed or judged; you want to be religious, that’s fine; but don’t force your religious beliefs on society and expect a pass at excluding others you feel are “sinners”
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  • SHAMELESS PLUG: Faith No More releases new album “Sol Invictus” on May 19th
  • – first new album by the band in 18 years; wow.. it really has been that long since “Album of the Year” came out; the last hit song was “Last Cup of Sorrow”; the band quit a year later and reformed in 2009; in fall of 2014, the band announced they were working on a new album; so far, they’ve released two singles “Motherfucker” and “Superhero” Both songs have the trademark Faith No More sound to them, but I tend to like the tempo and pace of “Superhero” over “Motherfucker”; as for the other 8 songs on the album, we are going to have to wait until May 19, 2015 when it’s officially released; I’ve been a fan of this band since “The Real Thing” album, which was their true breakout; “Angel Dust” still gets regular track by track listens out of me; I’ve seen the band live and they put on a killer show; can’t wait for the new album and the chance to see them live again.
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